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Trailer Canopies: The Various Awnings You Could Consider

Investing in a trailer canopy can be an invaluable addition to your caravan. These canopies do not simply function to enhance the aesthetics of your caravan, but they are quite functional too when it comes to providing you with additional protection from the elements. The trailer canopies come in an assortment of options to ensure that every motorist can find something that would suit their budget as well as convenience. Below are some of the various awnings that you could consider when investing in a trailer canopy.

Fixed canopies

As the name suggests, these types of awnings are not adjustable. They are typically fitted over the doors and the windows of the caravan and function to provide additional protection from the sun and precipitation.

Roller canopies

Just like roller doors, roller canopies are mounted on a rolling mechanism. When the canopy is in its stowed position, it will be rolled up tightly around itself making it easy for it to recess into the roof of the caravan. When you need to use the canopy, you would have to deploy it by either manually unwinding it or using a mechanical system to open and close it. Roller canopies are a great option for motorists who are looking to create a living space outside their caravan when they have gone camping. This is because roller awnings can stretch out much farther than their other awning counterparts. It should be noted, though, that roller canopies tend to have a significant number of movable parts. As such, they would require much more care and maintenance than other types of trailer canopies.

Slide out canopies

These types of awning are installed beneath the roofing of your caravan. In the event that you would like to protect the windows and doors from the elements, you would have to manually pull them out and straighten them. Slide out canopies tend to be made from canvas since they are easy to maintain and clean.

Automated canopies

For utmost convenience, automated canopies would be the best option for you. These awnings operate using an automatic system, hence eliminating the hassle of manually having to open and close your awnings. In addition to this, you may also find automated canopies that come fitted with sensors that would detect the prevalent elements and open or close accordingly. For instance, if it were to start to drizzle, the awnings would automatically open up to provide your caravan with protection.

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