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How to Make Sure Thieves do Not Deprive You of Your New Trailer

Adventurous thieves are always looking for a way to deprive you of your valuable possessions and especially if the said possession is difficult to identify on the second-hand market. They may be moving away from the theft of cars or trucks, as that is simply too much work, but they may well be able to sell your shiny new trailer to an unsuspecting person because it's not as easy to trace. If you want to give them a hard time and make sure that they move on to another unfortunate victim instead, how can you protect your trailer and possibly whatever sits on top of it, as well?

Making It Difficult

Trailer theft used to be very easy, let's face it. All the thief had to do was manoeuvre the towing vehicle up to the front of the trailer, lift the coupling head and attach it to the ball. Within a matter of moments they would be driving down the road and your trailer would be a thing of the past. However, these days you can get a number of accessories that will make it difficult or even impossible for these individuals to make off with your prized possession.


Consider changing the coupling head on your trailer to a locking mechanism. These devices cannot be moved without a key and they automatically lock themselves when in the stationary position. Therefore, whether your trailer is attached to your towing vehicle or simply sitting in your driveway, it is impossible for it to be moved without the key. It's also possible to get a lock that prevents the introduction of a tow ball to the caravan or trailer hitch, which will effectively achieve the same result.


If you want to go even further, consider adding a set of wheel clamps to the trailer which will also provide a visual deterrent from afar. It may be difficult for the would-be thief to see that a hitch or ball lock is in place, but they can certainly see that wheel clamps are fitted. These may take a little bit of effort to apply unlike the self-locking hitch lock, but they can be worth their weight in gold.


Go one step further and fit a cable lock alarm to your trailer. Wind this cable around a fixed object nearby and arm it before you leave the scene. If somebody comes along with bolt cutters to break through the cable, a loud alarm will sound.


Finally, get hold of a simple GPS tracking device and mount it underneath the trailer in a safe but hidden area. If all else fails and they do get the goods, so to speak, this device can be used to track its whereabouts quickly.

Where to Buy

Ask your car trailer accessories provider for information on all of these devices, so that you can go to sleep at night without worrying if your trailer will be there in the morning.

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