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Essential Features of a Quality Engine Oil Filter

As a car owner, it is not enough to have high-performance oil running in your engine. Over time, the engine oil gets dirty and you need an oil filter that is capable of trapping debris and dirt. If you have a substandard oil filter, then your vehicle's engine will start to develop flow problems. However, the process of selecting a quality oil filter is not as straightforward as you would like to think. There are so many oil filter brands in the market and different mechanics have varying opinions concerning the brand you should buy. If you are struggling with this question, then you are in luck because this article highlights tips for choosing the right oil filter.

Magnet Ring 

The greatest enemy to your engine is the tiny dirt particles — whether dust or metallic — that are invisible to the human eye. It is because the particles can cause severe damage to the bearings, cylinders and other essential engine parts that keep your vehicle running in top condition. Therefore, it is vital to install an oil filter that can trap all kinds of debris with relative ease.

One of the most important features that you should look out for when choosing an engine oil filter is the magnet ring. The element is not found in standard oil filters and its function is to trap small metallic particles that are likely to go through standard oil filters. The best part is that the metallic particles can be easily be washed away since they stick on the surface of the filter.

Anti-Draining Back Valve Material 

When buying an engine oil filter, you should keep in mind that hot oil will be flowing through the filter whenever the car is running. Therefore, the anti-draining back valve should withstand the high temperature of the engine oil. If anti-draining back valve is made of rubber, it will not last long because rubber cannot withstand high temperatures. Over time, a rubber anti-draining back valve will wear out and let dirty oil through the filter. On the other hand, an anti-draining back valve that is made from silicone performs better under extreme heat as and cold environments. The attribute ensures that the filter functions well despite the harsh conditions inside a car engine.

Filtration Material 

Filtration media are either of a synthetic blend or paper. While both work perfectly well when brand new, their performance begins to vary when the frequency of car usage increases, for instance, after 10,000 miles, a synthetic blend filtration material maintains its sturdiness; therefore, the synthetic blend filter can carry out oil filtration adequately. However, if the filtration media is made of paper, then it will start falling apart after a few thousand miles thereby losing the ability to filter oil adequately. Consequently, it will expose your engine to dirty oil and eventual damage to engine parts. Therefore, ensure that you buy a filter media that is made from synthetic blend material.

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