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Two Tips to Remember if You Want a Roof Rack

Here are two tips to remember if you want a roof rack for your vehicle.

Don't automatically opt for a rack that matches the size of your roof

You might assume that the rack you buy should be roughly the same width and length as your car's roof. Whilst you may end up getting one like this, it's sensible to consider whether this is actually necessary.

There are, for example, circumstances in which it could be better to opt for a rack that's a bit smaller than your vehicle's roof. If, for instance, your vehicle is old and doesn't have the power to overtake quickly or to travel up slopes easily, then you'll need to ensure you don't load your roof rack with too many heavy items, as this will exacerbate the vehicle's poor performance in these areas. Getting a compact roof rack, onto which you can only place one or two items, will ensure that you'll never be tempted to add half a dozen heavy objects onto this rack.  

This, in turn, will mean you won't find yourself unable to get your vehicle up a particularly steep hill and won't have to miss out on opportunities to overtake other motorists when you're in a hurry, simply because your vehicle is too weighed down to do this safely. It will also mean that your rack's loads won't ever be so heavy that they accelerate your tyres' rate of deflation.

Consider how long you expect to have your current vehicle

When deciding how much you're prepared to spend on the roof rack, consider how long you think you'll be keeping your current vehicle. For example, if you plan to continue driving your current car until it comes to the end of its lifespan, then it's worth investing in a very high-quality roof rack that will be able to carry heavy loads for years to come.

In contrast, if you're considering swapping your small car for a much larger one with a lot more storage relatively soon, then you might not need the rack for longer than this period (as your new vehicle will have enough internal storage space). As such, in this situation, it might be best to get a more affordable rack which, whilst it might not be the most robust, will suffice for the relatively brief period during which you'll require it.

Getting new gear for a car requires serious consideration. To learn more about roof racks, contact a supplier. 

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