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4 Reasons GVM Upgrades Are Ideal for Off-Road SUVs

Your SUV's GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) tells you the maximum amount of weight legally permitted when the vehicle is fully loaded. That doesn't just include the vehicle itself — you also need to consider things like fuel, cargo, and even passengers. Most SUV models designed for off-roading will be close to their GVM even without anything added, so it can be easy to exceed the legal limit.

Luckily, you can get around this by opting for a GVM upgrade. These kits allow you to significantly increase your GVM, and that's especially attractive for SUV owners who like to take their vehicle off-road. Here are just four reasons why.

1. You Can Take More Cargo

You generally can't add much weight to an off-road SUV before exceeding the GVM, and that's a real problem when you like to off-road since you'll probably be looking to take more cargo with you than the average driver. Things like food and water supplies can add considerable weight, as can camping equipment, mountain bikes, and other similar equipment. Many drivers also like to bring extra fuel, especially when heading far into the Outback. With a GVM upgrade, you'll be better able to handle those larger loads.

2. Allows for Off-Road Accessories

It isn't just additional cargo that tends to push off-road SUVs over their GVMs. Many off-road drivers also like adding special equipment, such as winches, tow bars, and bull bars. These additions can all add a fair amount of weight. In fact, it's possible you won't be able to add them and keep within your maximum legal weight without fitting a GVM upgrade first.

3. Provides Added Stability

Stability is far more important when you're heading off-road. The terrain itself will be far rougher and more challenging, and you can find yourself very far from help if you ever get into an accident or damage a vital part of your vehicle. When you exceed your GVM, stability, steering, and braking are all negatively impacted, which reduces your control over the vehicle. GVM upgrades can help since the weight will be better distributed.

4. Tougher Suspension

Even SUV models focused on off-roading often have suspension systems designed more for comfort than for capability — after all, plenty of people who buy them never actually take them away from paved surfaces. This can be a problem if you really do like to get out into the backcountry and explore, but you can fit tougher suspension as part of your GVM upgrade to help meet your off-road needs.

Contact an auto shop to learn more about Ford Everest GVM upgrade kits.

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