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Answering Some Questions About Reupholstering Furniture and a Vehicle Interior

Reupholstering is a good choice for furniture pieces that look worn down and outdated, but which are in otherwise good repair. This is also a good option for a vehicle interior, if there is damage to seat upholstery, or if the current seat covers just look worn and old. If you're thinking of having furniture or your vehicle's interior reupholstered, note a few commonly asked questions about this process, so you know if it's the right choice for you.

Will reupholstering a furniture piece affect its value?

The value of a furniture piece is usually in its framework and if its durable and usable, and in its overall appearance, not on the original fabric itself. If the upholstery on a furniture piece is old, worn, stained, or otherwise damaged, having that fabric replaced can actually improve the piece's value, even if the current fabric is made of silk or another expensive material.

If you're worried about how reupholstering furniture will affect the value of an antique piece, ask a furniture restorer or reupholstering expert about that piece in particular. They might suggest a particular fabric be used to protect the furniture's value.

Why not just buy slipcovers?

Slipcovers for furniture are notorious for sliding out of place and for looking wrinkled and uneven. Also, when furniture is reupholstered, the foam inside the piece can be replaced, so that the piece is more comfortable for sitting.

This is also true for vehicle seat slipcovers; those slipcovers can slide out of place, get in the way of adjusting the seat, and cover up mould and mildew that are growing under the current seat covers. Reupholstering the vehicle seats will mean removing any such contaminants, making driving more comfortable while also improving the appearance of your vehicle.

Why reupholster rather than buy a new piece of furniture?

Reupholstering furniture may be much more affordable than you realize, making it cheaper than buying any new piece, even one from a discount store. Reupholstering furniture with a sturdy and strong fabric that has been given a sealant to repel dirt can also mean getting years of life out of that same piece.

On the other hand, if you were to simply replace a piece of furniture with something very cheap, the fabric on that new piece may become threadbare and worn very quickly. You may then need to repeatedly buy new furniture items to replace it, spending far more money over the years than if you had your first piece reupholstered with durable, quality fabric.

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