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2 tips for farmers who are in need of some new accessories for their ute

If you're trying to pick out some accessories for the ute that you use on your farm, you might want to follow these tips to ensure that the items you buy help you to make the most out of your work vehicle.

1. If you need a ute tray in which to transport tools or animals, make sure you select an alloy tray 

A ute tray can be very useful if you are a farmer, as you can stow quite a substantial amount of farming equipment in this type of tray, and even occasionally use it to transport small farm animals across short distances.

Alloy trays are favoured by most farmers who use their utes on their farms. You, too, should consider looking for a tray made from this type of composite, hardy material. The reason for this is that the tray that you buy will get very dirty, very quickly. The remnants of soil on your farming tools and the dust and droppings left behind by, for example, the chickens or other small farm animals that you transport on the tray, will have to be washed off on a regular basis. The fastest way to do this is to use a pressure washer.

However, if regularly apply this type of high-pressure water jet to a non-alloy metal tray that's simply far too light to handle this pressure, it could leave behind indentations in the metal. Over time, the development of more and more of these indentations could result in the tray becoming so misshapen that you have to replace it.

An alloy tray, on the other hand, will not become distorted, even if you need to hose it down with your pressure washer every single day, as this composite metal is much more rigid and as such, will not yield under the pressure of the water.

2. Invest in an under-tray drawer

An under-tray drawer could also be a useful addition for a ute that is being used on a farm. This drawer can be connected to the underside of the aforementioned tray and then used as an extra storage area.

On days when you need to transport some farming tools and, for example, a few hens from one part of your farm to another, you can stow the tools in the under-tray drawer and the hens on the tray, rather than laying the tools alongside the hens and putting these birds at risk of injury (as the loose tools could hit them if your vehicle jolts whilst you're driving along unpaved, bumpy areas of your farm).

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